You can celebrate Captain Picard Day in ‘Star Trek Fleet Command’ right now

The trailer shows Frakes firing a shot from the renowned Enterprise-D bridge. Burton appears on the screen, welding facemask up, revealing he has actually just repaired the cloaking gadget. An awkward time out later, he includes, “Oh no!”.

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Ensign Wesley Crusher signs up with Star Trek Fleet Command this week, too! (Image credit: Scopely).

The “Star Trek” franchise has seen various new tv entries recently, among them the very first season of “Picard” in 2020 that had numerous stars from and callbacks to the 1987-1994 TNG series. A 2nd, pandemic-delayed season of “Picard” remains in production for what is anticipated to be a 2022 release on the streaming service Paramount+.
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” Players can earn fragments to open these characters through checking out the galaxy and finishing objectives, striking event milestones, taking part in the Battle Pass and more,” Scopely said. You likewise have the chance to earn Picard-themed awards, consisting of Picard Coins.

You can delight in all this new TNG material together with 10 new in-game objectives, including five that are focused on a Picard character arc. And if thats not enough, TNG actors LeVar Burton (Geordi), Brent Spiner (Data) and Jonathan Frakes (Number One) did a brief teaser for fans to take pleasure in.
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” Captain Picard makes his much awaited in-game launching along with new characters, objectives, and in-game giveaways to provide fans plenty to celebrate all week long,” developer Scopely stated in a statement Wednesday (June 16), two days after a soft launch of the content in the iOS App Store and Google Play.
Up Until Sunday (June 20), commanders will receive a variety of Picard-flavored benefits, such as a Picard “facepalm” avatar, projectiles with themes from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (TNG), the addition of popular teenage officer Wesley Crusher of TNG, and of course Picard himself as one of the in-game characters..
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The trailer shows Frakes shooting a shot from the iconic Enterprise-D bridge. “Yes!” he cries, but eventually he realizes he unintentionally engaged in friendly fire.

” I believed your cloaking gadget was on,” Spiner remarks.
” LeVar stated he repaired it,” Frakes reacts.
Burton appears on the screen, welding facemask up, announcing he has actually simply repaired the masking device. Seeing the confused faces, he asks, “What did you men do?” An awkward time out later, he adds, “Oh no!”.

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Captain Jean-Luc Picard beams into the mobile video game Star Trek Fleet Command for Captain Picard Day in June 2021. (Image credit: Scopely).

The mobile “Star Trek” game “Star Trek Fleet Command” is boldly providing a one-week celebration of Jean-Luc Picard, a captain so popular he has actually helmed two franchise television shows.