When the ‘Mars’ mission commander breaks new ground — Commander’s Report: sol 6

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Valoria 2 crewmembers test communications devices throughout a Marswalk. (Image credit: Courtesy of Lain Velasco) Dr. Michaela Musilova is the director of Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) program, which conducts analog missions to the moon and Mars for clinical research at a habitat on the volcano Mauna Loa. Currently, she is in command of the two-week Valoria 2 objective and contributed this report to Space.coms Expert Voices: Op-Ed & & Insights.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lain Velasco) As a team, we have absolutely now become a space family, and every day I spend with them is a happiness. Comparable kinds of rocks are most likely to be discovered in some parts of the moon and Mars. Rilee started defining and analyzing the samples in order to determine their possible use as structure blocks for the very first sustainable human settlements on Mars.
Plant Biology Officer Paul Tomko has actually successfully grown his very first batch of natural broccoli, crimson clover and radish sprouts for the team, while he continues to deal with his batch of vegetable sprouts. Paul is explore various growth and harvesting methods to maximize produce yield and provide a boost of nutrition to the team, that includes utilizing the LettuceGrow system to grow new lettuce seedlings.

Valoria 2 crewmembers do split training while in a handstand at the HI-SEAS research station throughout a simulated Mars objective. (Image credit: Courtesy of Paul Tomko) They are likewise reporting a decrease in vertigo, fearfulness and confusion when being upside down. Their feedback is mostly favorable and they appear to be feeling encouraged to continue their training even post-mission.
Lastly, Crew Engineer Chris Jackson has found that the team truly enjoys tracking and comprehending their tone, sleep and activity using the Amazon Halo physical fitness tracker. His observations are that the crew try to always use their individual devices rather than resent them. When the crew gathers together, Chris reports that the team is voluntarily sharing updates from the device.
Commander Musilova signing off feeling both revitalized and encouraged. The Valoria 2 crew has actually brought a breath of fresh air into my life on Mars and I cant await what new “firsts” they have yet to bring to HI-SEAS.
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Crewmembers on the Valoria 2 objective learn to do handstands. (Image credit: Courtesy of Chris Jackson) Its not uncommon for the team to make errors during the first three days approximately of the mission. There is a lot to discover living and working on the moon or Mars, so I have a lot of perseverance with them. One of my primary rules is for them to ask me as lots of concerns as they need. I would rather they confirm specific matters with me than to do something incorrectly. With every objective, Ive established lists that I go through when training the crew. Just when they are well versed in working and surviving on the moon or Mars, then I might focus on my research and just check in with them when necessary.
This seemed to be the very best way to do things– up until recently. A new awareness hit me: altering things up would not just benefit me to get away from my “Groundhog Day” cycle, but likewise the crew. Im not a big fan of duplicating activities over and over again, so sticking to a certain regular to help the brand-new team break into the HI-SEAS habitat has actually drained a lot of enjoyment out of me. I attempt my best to not lose enthusiasm when training the crewmembers, as I love teaching and sharing my transcendent experiences with others. This takes a toll on my energy levels.
Something altered that completely opened my eyes to a brand-new world of possibilities. My regular had actually been broken. We had to suffer through a variety of dust storms on Mars (aka rainstorms on the Big Island of Hawaii) throughout my previous Valoria 1 mission a number of weeks earlier. I could not train the crew in the very same way and in the very same order of activities as I usually would. All of a sudden, I was required to consider of package and improvise. Abstract issue resolving and improvisation are vital in the space sector, so this was a welcome change for me.

The previous Valoria 1 crew even concealed the popular HI-SEAS “Easter egg” of crew treasures in a various location than it had been concealed in over the past 3 years. I discovered a brand-new hope and energy in me to power through the three lunar objectives that await me after Valoria 2.
Now, the Valoria 2 team is setting more precedents. Some of them are not so fantastic, like the reality that they were the very first team to set off our environments fire alarm. The crewmembers then decided to try to become the team of lots of firsts, so this trend continued.
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As long as the crew appreciates a number of crucial guidelines during our mission, I nearly never require to impose any kind of authority on the team. (Image credit: Courtesy of Chris Jackson) Its not uncommon for the crew to make errors during the first 3 days or so of the mission. The previous Valoria 1 crew even concealed the famous HI-SEAS “Easter egg” of team treasures in a different location than it had been hidden in over the previous three years. Crew Engineer Chris Jackson has actually discovered that the team actually delights in tracking and comprehending their activity, tone and sleep using the Amazon Halo fitness tracker. Chris reports that the crew is willingly sharing updates from the gadget when the team gathers together.

Plant Biology Officer Paul Tomko looks after plants and seeds for the team at HI-SEAS. (Image credit: Michaela Musilova) Science Communications Officer Lain Velascos hand-balancing training program is progressing with terrific results. The team has actually only been dealing with their program for a few days and they have actually already started to develop greater body awareness in inverted positions..

Commanders report for the Valoria 2 Mars mission at HI-SEAS
Sol 6 (Feb. 9, 2021).
I believed I was a quite adaptable and versatile type of individual, but it is beginning to dawn on me that leading mission after mission has actually left a mark on me. The Valoria 2 analog Mars mission at HI-SEAS is around the 27th objective that I have led as a leader. Truthfully, at this point, all my previous missions are beginning to end up being a blur.
During a common lunar or martian mission at HI-SEAS, I spend the very first couple of days training my new crewmembers. As long as the crew appreciates numerous crucial guidelines during our objective, I practically never ever require to enforce any kind of authority on the team.