This week on the forums: Defining nothing, spin in space and a fun quiz!

What is nothing?.

Does whatever in space spin?.

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Test your understanding!.

Welcome back to your weekly wrap-up of all the happenings in the online forums. The community has actually been abuzz with theoretical conversations, trying to pin down some abstract meanings. We also evaluate our space understanding in one neighborhood members difficult quiz!.

, G. Bacon (STScI)) Another interesting question, positioned this time by DOGGDADD. Its a bit of a puzzler, so its helpful to have so many eager neighborhood members to use up some answers:.
Rotation needs a recommendation frame, so sitting still Im still rotating since the Earth is turning me with it. – Helio.
Yes. Relative to something. – Catastrophe.

( Image credit: Petr Horálek/ ESO) Finally, we cover the week up with this challenging quiz..
Evaluate your area understanding through this post from Helio!
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Its a stealthily basic concern. Nevertheless, DrWhoopsyDaisy raises a wonderful point when they state, “Its like if somebody strolled into an empty space and said nothing exists but in reality there is space there which is something.” What exactly is nothingness? Here are some attempts at responding to that question:.
Absolutely nothing implies absolutely nothing. Nothing more to be said.
Space in between a Quanta orbits is (nothing), exists nd has residential or commercial properties held up by energy levels of fluctuation. Do not break your brain thinking about it:-RRB- – voidpotentialenergy.

Picture of the Deep 3 em pty field observed with the telescope at La Silla. The image is the combination of 714 frames for an overall exposure time of 64.5 hours covering an overall area bigger than one square degree. (Image credit: ESO).
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The neighborhood has been abuzz with theoretical discussions, trying to nail down some abstract meanings. The image is the combination of 714 frames for an overall exposure time of 64.5 hours covering a total area bigger than one square degree. Nothing means nothing. Absolutely nothing more to be said. Its a bit of a puzzler, so its useful to have so numerous eager community members to offer up some answers:.