A mission to ‘Mars’ at the HI-SEAS habitat: Live updates


2020-10-28T21:31:13.748 ZSpace.com is going to Mars

( Image credit: Space.com/ Chelsea Gohd) Its lastly occurring, Im going to Mars! Well, not really, but I will signing up with a simulated Mars objective at the HI-SEAS environment in Hawaii in November alongside astrobiologist and crew leader Michaela Musilova (who is also director of HI-SEAS), Air Force airman and chief engineering officer Amanda Knutson, vet and chief medical officer Brandy Nunez, science author and crew science communication officer Beth Mund and artist and crew vice leader Richelle Gribble..

The mission will belong to the Sensoria program, which aims to support underrepresented groups within the space sector..
” All of our missions will be female-led and female-majority. We, obviously, will invite with open arms our male colleagues, but we believe that females need to be placed at the center of our shared vision for area exploration, that women need to be provided a platform for professional development, chances for research study and training,” bioengineer and Sensoria co-founder J.J. Hastings, who acts as the CEO of Analogs LLC, a company that backs the Sensoria program, told Space.com in January..